WinCopies is a free and open-source file system explorer. It is currently still in development, so you can test it and report any bug you find out at the WinCopies' GitHub repository.


Please note Starting with version 3, WinCopies contains core features only, so at least one plugin must be installed for the program to work. This allows you to install only the plugins that cover the features you want to use.



The plugins have to be installed in a directory that is based on the following pattern: [Program Installation Directory]\plugins\[Plugin Name].

WinCopies is powered by .Net 6 and the WinCopies and Windows API Code Pack frameworks. Before launching WinCopies, make sure you have the .Net 6 framework installed on your computer (at least version 6.0).

Currently supported features (based on the current program and frameworks version and currently available plugins)


Type Status
Browsing Yes
Shell Preview
Archives Preview
Registry Pending
WMI Pending
History Yes
Move to parent item Yes
File system dialog box Pending



Type Status
Copy Preview
Move Preview


Type Status
Recycling Preview
Deletion Preview
Emptying Recycle Bin Preview


Type Status
Compressing Partially available (preview)
Extracting Partially available (preview)